About us

Deeniyat Ibadat is an Islamic website with a lot of Islamic knowledge. This website consists of many fascinating features ,here you can listen Quran recitation with translation, you can also listen various naat and bayan by maulanas, you can read  many blogs , you can get knowledge about Islamic events and happenings. This website allows you to write blogs on it. You can share Islamic knowledge with us.

This website also provides good packages for Hajj & Umrah and this website also helps you to get beautiful Islamic belongings like janamaz, tasbeeh, burqa (abaya), ittr (perfumes) etc.

Deeniyat Ibadat also launched its App where you can recite Quran, you can read dua for every thing , everyday we shares good motivating quotes, you can listen different surah recitation , and Deeniyat Ibadat App shows you the way and location of mosques which are nearby you so you can reach there and offer Salah, this App also shows the correct timings of adhan ,there are so many more fascinating features of this App and website.

You can connect us through our Facebook page Deeniyat Ibadat. This is a very informative website and you can always ask query on our website.